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This summer, a little sad

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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PostWysłany: Sob 20:34, 07 Maj 2011    Temat postu: This summer, a little sad

this summer, destined to some sad, though his interpretation of this situation personally, still, I hope to give you a little bit comforting touch, if only to disappear as fast as, I am willing to flash in the pan.
day, still made a few, or ten or twenty of the information, content, general, in most cases, just want you to know my news. He is so like you care about a sense of your message. Occasionally I heard the phone between your voice, familiar forgotten what to say, just gab with those contemptuous topic, the original, just want to make sure your news. In many cases, are the company's monthly telephone you back such a move, I will always be there my heart.
out the window of the green has been the scene of all first came to the kind of coverage, and only vaguely does not keep some signs of life rocks. Like all the people around the time like green like in the summer changing our face, but those same rocks as hard as the past. Past years, and both are clearly remember the most about you memories. Layout that can not be related to your past, always very serious thought, then continue to be placed with nostalgia.
often too little to your own guilt, especially the choice of initial hesitation came to this out-of-the-way place in the city suburbs. The only news is that at least in front of the plane can be described, raving like a shot after some of their own could not up the words he wanted. Only clearly know that these all are just like us to keep each other lost youth. After several days of struggling
fate on the work of the dust settled the issue, have your continued support and know my heart and want to get the most is what. I would not be a successful man, but you still gave me the silent support of the woman, so calm and happy, I have what can not be overcome. This may seem sad
summer, just from time to time to learn together with some text to burn our love for flat light. Tomorrow, or tomorrow, or the repeated topic, because the love you are willing to repeat, even if it can not be repeated.
that some of the lack of appetite for modification of your text, such as your mind can hope to bring you a little bit as moving.
heard the song with too much of a casual tone should also be brought back their own sleeping; seen the movie with too many random picture of a simple time, we always think of corresponding to the scene; read the story with too much free a similar plot, a similar modification, are tempted to make some effort to imitate, although the results may be neither fish nor fowl. Thinking of you, can not sleep. Thinking of you, easy to wake up. Watching the same sun each day, to laugh with it? Corresponding to the fairy tale that popular time of many of the things that we have not started but each time it seems familiar. Always wanted to, entered, and interspersed, or edit some beautiful pieces. The illusion of more than one occasion I walked at the school gate, and you also happen to ride through. Therefore, the time together, habits like always wanted a place in this space to make up some of those promises plot.
years later, this shy, in itself incompatible with some of the old mess of these words on his hand knocking. It will give the most genuine tribute to the memory of our youth through the most real portrayal. Easy nostalgia, it seems there are always easy to imagine, like many endings [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then pick one, enjoy to interpret. Maybe we are not good director [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but, in this separate summer, still hope that the memories and fantasies as some footage, colorful melt into the story, like you, like me, the road we have traveled together.
sounding the alarm for a note, cut the whole sky. Chu Xing in the morning, a turn in the distance. Sloppy's see you figure, fantastic figure. Like Jay's songs, listen to the melody is always the season, so the picture with the pattern, the distance from one of our turn.
this sunny day, I think I'm about to evaporate like a drop of water, the real hope into the clouds, and then with the northwest wind, blowing at the moment that there was raining your place, light your hair falls on, even if you do not know, I still contented smile. Although I would not be in your hair after the drop of a gentle [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but still want to deliberately bring you this little bit of blessing.
often, in fact, so quiet want to weave a number of potential duplicate a lot of mood. The heat of summer, the temperature is not high in this city a touch of sea breeze blowing. Dedication to think about, now you will do. This seems a bit sad the summer, so my efforts, can, long warm your heart. At least, I like hard work.
close my eyes, the shadow of fireflies lit glitter of the nerve endings of a root, we sat knee to mention side, looking gorgeous stars, similar to the who is whispering to each other, who attracted, and Who according to whom. Ignored the same as ignoring the behind like friends like a lover's footsteps, your gentle hair fall into my mouth, I smell the taste of happiness. This scene, fixed in the memory of that summer. The happiness of many sad and contradictory modification, used to repeat the query in memory, and perhaps do not know when expressed, may now only this experience. I'm just a low-level man, a man can not do without you.
this summer a little bit and confused, just groping in the truck during the day are all lost in the moonlight on the instigation of those stories, like in a vacuum in the heart Listen to your own heartbeat. Always clear when it was beginning to dream, think of those who walked on foot along an old stone steps, with moss trail. As if we had five hundred years is not the only Review. Mengpo Tang, only as a decoration. Excerpts, I give you the most beautiful and emotional part.
right hand palm, you argue painted turtle, looming. Your fingers have been pulled tight, as if still keeping the fragrance, the kind your body's unique flavor. Fierce grip, Sheng Teng fingers, lost your left hand. This little bit of sadness, a touch of regret, how can I make up. Does every day pulling our memories and hold tight.
hazy [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a cotton candy-like mood, bring your travel dreams, even thousands of miles to make the final air, clear water and blue sky dreams are awake.
hung up the phone, but continue to let her hang of caring, would be hard to distinguish the wandering and loneliness.
hard to imagine such a night to continue, a crescent, fixed in the front window, as if, to see is your shadow, tightly fixed in the mind.
want to point a low-quality cigarettes, and watch a little bit of ashes, until hot to finger a little bit inconsistent. Like a cup of coffee without sugar, gently swing, subtle taste, then bitter, a bit of mobility to the bottom of my heart. Oh our love will be like cigarettes, or is it coffee. Hot miss each other's pain, bitter to the taste of each other can not forget. Do not smoke do not drink coffee, so I always tried to think about, like the occasional contradictions in the ideal and the reality of love.
occlusion sweet dreams stifled the air, so open the windows flew into the wind dare go to sleep, with the coming of the insects get lost. Cried bumped gradually lost strength, and perhaps die. Oh love, like the cool wind, but is also the same as the worms lost. Do not know, know, understand, and compile with a random mood.
summer long for the warm fire. Subtle mind is forever. When a certain mood, wind-like floating in the air, I remember you, asleep. Even if no one woke up forgotten. This summer a little bit sad.
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