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The network of slackers , you hear that

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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PostWysłany: Sob 20:33, 07 Maj 2011    Temat postu: The network of slackers , you hear that

After hearing the story of Cher, purple long time can not calm the mood, she left to me to help her write a letter to the network of friends called slackers, is a true and moving story, carefully read the whole story friends, purple here silently grateful ... ...
Hello! When you receive my letter, I think I have gone, but I really want you to know I'm gone, some of the things I used to know, because, in my heart of hearts, I have you as my real friends, because I do not know me so quietly away, the future no one will remember me?
Maybe I was too selfish, and I took away happy, but leave all your pain, I have the courage to face you, listening to Xiao Gang to sing - my heart is too messy, really messy mind I do not know how to speak to you I leave, I was very reluctant to this beautiful world, full of sunshine, full of life, I really miss chatting with us, happy days together, thank you to in my life The final days with me, care about me, really thank you!
I was born in Changsha, Hunan, because affluent families continue to smoke since childhood, so let my young mind from an early age was shrouded in shadow, in my small, I said to myself, I have to work away from Here, starting his new life, so I am very sensible, usually always silent, what thoughts all in my heart because I know I can not say, I can not say.
later on, a bit more, I go to school, and academic performance has been good, plus I looked like a lovely, motivated and eager to learn, so teachers and students are like me, I was elected class stem is not unexpected The things that I will get back awards each semester, I think I will be under the parents should have changed it [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but my parents, but it is the money base to first base, in their definition, the money can be everything, I really feel so sad so sad, I just want a simple parental care, but they do not have time to me, there all day on gambling, then I simply choose to read live on campus, Think of a primary school girls chosen to attend boarding school how helpless and sad thing, usually, watching the other children to parents to pick, pull up happily together with my father and mother's hand to go home I thought the flavors like a spilled bottle, and what flavor there, helpless, I only pay close attention to the iron railing, Min Zhu lips, sad and helpless tears, and later, I know that tears can not solve the problem, so I chose to work harder to learn, I passed the honors key middle school in our city.
I in high school, has long since gone past helpless and vulnerable, more self-confidence and a strong, solid foundation for my high school is superior in my day to day I was honored to join the Chinese Communist Youth League, which is not yet of winning, because the whole first day students, there are two hundred people, but only three places. Maybe sometimes it is because of a careless, Kawasaki will be diverted to purposes, yes, once, me and my buddies go out, then we propose to drink, I had wanted to quit, but do not know why, that Once I did not quit drinking glass after glass of it, seems to want to drink all his troubles, with the first time, will be the second and third times, I've become a bad student, school truancy, play games, billiards, skating, hard to drink at that time I do not know how before, so if I keep on going, I think I would not like the day after today, maybe I treason , alerted the parents, they advised me earnestly repented, I just find it funny, I was simply, said one:
I am? Anand
If not, I think I will have to go on this fall, Anand played with my buddies were one of the best, Pinjiu, he will desperately to block the wine for me, Who can say if bad things about me, even if by others bruising, will fight hard for me to others, until the other person to say I'm sorry, I am sad, he will accompany me sad, I'm happy, he will face full of smiles, I was depressed, he would tell jokes and sing to me, I know he liked me, but I pretended not to know.
his birthday, I gave him a silver chain, as he was when the baby has been worn, I asked him,
you? : I still feel deeply lost heart, I successfully aspirations of the parents [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but I got what I used to be a good student, ah, how can I become like this? Inner sorrow at the surface but pretended not care.
coolly finished the exam, I know I'm done, and I feel very bad. But I did not think at this time, Anand went to my side:
What a joke, do not read better, since there is no restraint, like how to play on how to play, no one tube, and more comfortable ah! I liberated Lo!
self-confidence is to know you. you can not not know I like you, is not it? last time I ask you, in the end you have a little bit like me? I'll tell you once, I may not like you, because my heart is impossible to be like a person, if you think I like you, you should be born in the next life a little more hopeful, ha ha ha ... ... dazzled in the test, I uttered against his words.
Anand quietly disappear so in my eyes, feeling the heart really hurts, tears gradually blurring my eyes, but did not think that I actually became his farewell. Anand died that night the news of the day, a very strange and kind of sound from the end of the line pass over:
, impossible, impossible, you lied to me, he can not die! he will not die! br> A few days later, I received a parcel, opened the package, I saw a diary, a letter.
. I remember when he first entered high school, from the first time I saw you, I stayed, the original in this world there really are so lovely and beautiful people, and your smiles, are affecting my every cell, I know I hopelessly in love with you, I know you still can not accept me, so I have to claim your brother, I'm waiting for my beautiful Cher grew up, whether you like it or not I, I I'm really sorry to say those last words, I'll be your forever Anand, I will always bless you.
I also believe that you will not be struck down by this setback, I hope you can perk up Remember my words, people not afraid to fall, afraid after a fall get up again. I most want to see is the beautiful Cher can happily live in this world, can do the things they like to do, and they like to live happily together, then I will be very happy.
two of us may not be destiny, maybe as you said, I may have to the next life you will have hope and with it, so I left.
Buddha says: Looking back five hundred times in order to exchange this life pass by. I will return with a thousand times Review of the first encounter with your next life, I hope Then you will remember me and know this world I will always love you there.
silver chain you gave me, I took. diary recorded the days with me and you I tell you All thoughts, which belongs to you, hope you stay.
I go, waiting for you in heaven, I want to see you happy, you promise me? This is my last request.
... ...
always love reading your letter, I have already broke down in tears, why, why God told me so not fair, why should I lose Anan, until the loss of Anan, I come to realize that its actually like him, but we do admit it.
everyone regrets nothing more than to lose the most after the treasure and have it before.
Anand I know I lost, forever lost him, I think the things I most regret is that in addition to ambitious parents hurt Anan, but Anand was gone, never hear me say I'm sorry for his ten million.
order to Anan soul in heaven to rest in peace, I did not resist parents I arranged to repeat the one hand, to forget Anan, on the one hand fans make their own previously lost, and I deeply buried every day to their books so that they are not free to think about other things that, because the past will be remembered Let me heartache.
hard efforts have not been wasted, I was admitted to the Polytechnic Academy, entered the Polytechnic college classes, the cloud is my reading of the students in the University class, she was very optimistic man, dedicated to friends, talking straightforward, cheerful and generous, and my roommates, but also very, very good friends. all my secrets in addition to the Philippines for only she knows, she and I do not like do not like the Internet, I'll give her back in a long time ago about you, but she is always an expression does not matter, because she felt that the internet is really hard to know the authenticity of the false, and she likes outdoor activities, full of sunshine and vigor, she always said I was too quiet, and advised me to have the opportunity to a lot of exercise and to persuade her, I gradually came to love the sun, like life. so I gave her my QQ, I hope you will become very good friends, I believe you can certainly become good friends The.
college, I read [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because all the members of each class are from all over the world, so few people know about my past, I have gradually put the past my love began to face life with optimism, because I can not remember Anan's words, live, people fall is not terrible, terrible fall to get up again later, I survived, I happily became Cher, and soon I was elected on the school's cultural Ministers and broadcasting host, I put all his happiness to others, in sharing the happiness of others happy, so I was happy.
I am also very good grades in science and technology, will get a scholarship each semester, Although only a few hundred dollars, but that was my own efforts to get back rent, I forgive my parents. When I took the money to buy gifts for their parents, they are tears, I cried because Ultimately, I still got love for their parents.
college years, I not only passed the professional examinations, but also the self-study English, the English had four, all from completing college courses, but at the time of my internship I know I had cancer, my heart how sad ah, when I know how precious life and want to take advantage of the time, gave me the merciless and death to the life of a blow [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but I just can not fall. I had cancer, only goes one knows, because she and I practice in the same place. In order to keep family and friends worry, I find the cloud kept it all, then I came to Shenzhen a person, the day in Shenzhen, I really miss home, miss family and friends, but I can not meet them, because I want independence, I said to myself I want to make their last days and full of sweet memories. I realized I did not achieve, make a woman, I should Cheng went to a fairly good size company, rent a foundation for their own learning and interpersonal skills, made assistant manager, and later, because the good performance to enhance the translation of the general manager to do every day is very busy , but also a very full and happy.
because in real life friends who can not meet, so I chat with friends online and also increasing the number of times, and everyone knows that I now flies all right, also a slight performance are happy for me. and this time I was only reluctantly and smile, who knows too proud of I am going to leave this beautiful world do?
sometimes there are some strangers come to me talking and I will also chat with them for their fun and happy, as they are not happy, try to make them happy, I feel life is more dense than the length of life worth pursuing. as long as I finished my limited life want to do, I'll regret. I said to myself that in my heart.
until one day, a sad sack me Lao Pozi, (Lao Gongzi that you, Oh, you kidding), I He talked happily, I was touched by his sincerity, added him to be my friend. that person is you, you are my QQ's only in real life I do not know who.
I did not I believe there will be a stranger online and real emotions there, but the days of talking to you, I gradually discovered that he was in love with you, I carry the daily counts of deception to chat with you, because I do not want you to know On the one hand I am worried that you know the real situation I would avoid me, I will lose you, though I know I leave you sooner or later; the one hand, I do not want people looking at me with sympathy, so I do not want to mention Please forgive my selfishness it.
petition Forgive me for cheating on you, okay? because I do not want to see you unhappy, if you are not happy, I think even if I go, I will very sad, because you are my life the last known friend and I met in Shenzhen, the only friend here, do not know myself from when to start, look forward to your phone, hoping the picture of your thin flash on the screen in the QQ move, I think I will use my life to remember that call. because I really going to go, I did not want to leave any regrets, thank you for allowing me to finish my last wish.
Unfortunately we have not met I want to own a good recovery, and then let you see me happy, but I was slip of the tongue, and I'm gone, you have to take good care of.
I gently come,
I gently waved,
unless western sky clouds.
... ...
Gently I flick my sleeves,
not take a cloud.
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