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Love and not love

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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PostWysłany: Nie 20:54, 24 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Love and not love

I often think of love and not love what the standard is [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], of course, this can not be considered standard issue. But for his intuitive guess, I think, a person's standard of love poems to each other that is not love a person's standard is the beginning of each other stories.
this is love, that do not know, this is love, paste in and confused. In fact, this feeling is that is not clear [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or just a tremor from the heart just one time, this feeling will be fleeting, it is felt would be elusive, with a feeling can be met without resort to, only their own space in life only occasionally run into, in such a moment, how to express ourselves, as a man. I think the most likely it is through poetry.
may, burst out of the Psalms that time is no more tricks, but they are the most primitive expression of a man feeling the most pristine. From a historical perspective we can get a lot of useful lessons on.
the most is the bow of the tender, such as water, very cool Lotus shy. Nora Xu Yang sand from the sentence, is difficult to say, if there is no fixed true feelings, will write this sentence it emotional. Some people will say that Hsu is a poet Cotyledons, that is a compliment, poet Cotyledons may express themselves in love with the poem will be more leisurely time, but will not rule out the accumulation of their true feelings. Also from Xu, also from the love for Huiyin the first thing that has long been passed down by chance, I was a cloud in the sky / the occasional wave projection in your mind you remember Ye Hao / best you Forgot / put in this encounter the light, I think this is the perfect expression of love, although it difficult to write this poem.
When Mr. Jin Huiyin the first time to see her have a good impression, because the feel of the logic of philosophy in her find the perfect expression, therefore, gold old gentleman, a lifetime bachelor, died at the time of Lin Huiyin can best be seen hanging his love for her is the classic phrase elegiac couplet: a poetic Chihiro waterfall, vancomycin Rhapsody. Mr. Jin Lao life of philosophy of logic, but it is brilliant and the characters, he wrote songs queue: queues have to go with the Qing, head monk here free. Braids gone, the head while you're naked. Has been asking me ridiculous.
the 1980s last century, one afternoon, Li Ao, waiting for the bus, he saw a luxuriant graceful woman, are reading their own work to strike up a conversation and leave each other up the phone, in the subsequent days, Li Ao She wrote to forget who I do not see your eyes / do not see your eyebrow / read all your heart / forget who I am; do not see your eyes / do not see your eyebrow / jump to see when the heart / seen after the tears down; do not see your eyes / do not see your eyebrow / not see you fall in love with you / forget who I am, and soon, a difference of thirty years of age they married quickly, has live get along so far. standard-bearer of the New Culture Movement
Hu, this situation has made peace advocates, only almost Confucian ceremony, met his sweetheart at the time, also wrote the classic song is still a secret Cliff moonlight when the moon is full / still empty mountains, quiet night on the mountain wind in the pine window paper wave / the shadows my mind blown away [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we can see, the truth is so genius is moving, this is love.
Wang Xiaobo wrote a letter to Li Yinhe: read music is a chance to get, you also get the chance, would like you and I are a song Changbu Wan, Li Yinhe said that it will resist the temptation This sincere expression of it, is ah, so heartfelt, from the heart to tell, who can resist the live it!
not love someone, it is very simple things, the passage of time, a person who no longer had a passion, when your love of the past. This time, the skills will make up stories out of the reality, of course, this time an experienced man can not rule out the usual trick.
stories, that is a lie, when a person without a sense of a person [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but still maintain a rigid relationship, in general, fabricated the story will continue to unfold, because since they do not want to break up neatly, but to consider their own face, so, on the one hand doing the shady dealings, while maintaining their own high-sounding scene, this is not love, this is one of the other trajectory of the feelings of a person, not from love to love Sometimes the process is just a moment away.
love is always easy to get along too difficult. This is true also. Occurs when the passions of love are burst, and turned into a life of it disappeared bit by bit the original color, this time, more people will doubt had their own impulses, however, can really explain the impulse that as a thing called love, but this time it has gone away, and when you hear a story of a fictitious arises, because you have not received a long poem from the other side of the.
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