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I do not say , you know I love you

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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Skąd: England
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PostWysłany: Pon 17:59, 21 Mar 2011    Temat postu: I do not say , you know I love you

】 【Editor's note: Let two hearts in love, understanding without words, can have clear to know each other have been rooted in each other's hearts. Love, love, the topic of thousands of years, have not faded one by one story, or poignant sadness, joy or satisfaction, in every corner of the world quietly staged. Bless the world and lovers of the leaf greetings and look forward to seeing more beautiful article!

love the feeling from the heart, would the heart have, needless to say it, it has been understood . So, love you all, I will not love you, forever, but I will follow the pre-existence agreement with each other, wait for the day, at a junction, and you come across, holding hands all the way to old age. Yiyi

nothing tonight, I'm alone, lonely at nights in the open waiting in the living room, cozy early autumn night breeze, gentle breeze blowing outside the window open gauze living room floor, I thoroughly a cup of jasmine tea light [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], whisper a song to listen to the very tender, flipping through just bought Illustrated, which owned a pair of lovers dependent surfaced in my eyes, it makes me have daydreams elegant ......。 Have such a day with her arm around his first love, quietly lying in your arms, said nothing, looking at the eyes and heart to talk. Think about it, then it's a classic love ......。

always said predestined in the world, should really have, then I will have to wait for a friend, my idol. There will be an evening that, as the setting sun shot into our blood, spacious living room, breezy, light-yellow curtains around our house, I sat on a soft couch, turn on the TV, but their hearts are in the quiet listening footsteps outside the door [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], waiting for your return. Should there really be a day I will be happy to listen, hoping to hear your familiar footsteps. Should there really be a day, I think then you will face revealing a tender smile, and then I stood up, and not to stare at the TV screen, but waiting for that knock on the door, want to see your eyes I look fine. I opened the door, you come in, you reach out to hold me smile, I hold you, do not say, do not say. So you hold me up, I snuggle in your arms.

on the sofa you hold me, gently, I lie in your arms. You looked down at me, I smiled at you. Do not say, do not say no to any language. I have seen written in the language of your heart, you said that you would like for me year after year. Life and death never connected. Your loving gaze of my pink pink lips, gently reached down and head, the lip print your boiling hot up, and hide my trembling slightly two petals. I like the hands of bad Rao vine your neck tightly. Reluctant to be separated.

through so much time, you know, I will not say three words. Say [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], too simple, as long as the one that destroyed the moment the opposite feeling. I like the silence is more pay and care, I love you, would certainly know if I was cheating. Do not say, do not say, without any oath. As long as you know, I know, bear with each other physically and mentally, through the sea. I would like to keep this quiet look at you like you like me to wait silently. Thoughts on the night I wait for you there, all in the eyes, slowly flowing, moaning. Worried about, you go out in a minute, covering all the day and night you and I can not go crazy and break its heat.

I do not love you, you are able to understand. I do not say a lifetime, as long as you are, I am still as ever, through the crowded, the heart of the secular left behind, in a limited life, gently calling your name. Lonely, though a bit cold, but you can not take away my thoughts go. Alone, though a bit sad people, but I think you can not be the reason. You like my shadow, how can I ever forget, you have to appear? Even if I have to wait several hundred years, as long as that one day I walk in the ten million busy streets, still can not find the feeling of love when I look back, they see you on my back, a smile came. Faint smile at you, I am desperate, flying over to you. The pedestrian way, you can see my tears, fluttering in the wind, I hear you complain. Look at your face, look into your eyes, I can not help, nose acid, began to cry.

this way, you hear me cry muttered, waiting in the bitter tell, how you can take it lightly, your heart ache violently. In this way, you hold me tight, say nothing. Because from my feminine body, in your arms can not stop shaking, you know, I wait for you for many years. Waiting for you, I experienced a lot of dark, and I have gone through a lot of thorns, black hair began to no longer be gorgeous, beautiful face began to have traces of haggard, how not to bother me [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], waiting for you to vent the acid. Said nothing, say nothing, I am holding your neck, biting my mouth to your ears severely, saying waiting for my oath again in your ears ringing.

other person you are me? You do not ask, much less to say. Because you believe in this world since I have such a crazy, there will be a crazy to you, in the vast sea of ​​people looking for you. So, love you all, I will not love you, forever, but I will follow the pre-existence agreement with each other, wait for the day, at a junction, and you come across, holding hands all the way to old age.
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