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Finally, a cup of cappuccino, ice 4 Prose Essays

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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PostWysłany: Czw 6:48, 07 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Finally, a cup of cappuccino, ice 4 Prose Essays


a long time not to write something, and suddenly remembered an old friend last night. He said, why would not match my mental age, the kind of naive, not everyone has the. I always dream that one day, when my old, face wrinkles, not the teeth. She still loves me. Yes, I would so love. If not together, as long as I know such a person, I will be very satisfied, and now doing the one thing every day, standing by the window, smoking a cigarette. Rendering the lonely, lonely struck, watching the road past the pair of lovers, is not too happy. More and more disturbed, more irritable. Efforts to breathe [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but feel suffocated. Hope to have it a night, not so tough. School life, always bland, and now own their own compared to last year, should not be compared completely. Will not take someone else's life and make light of his life, after all, the lives of others is always someone else's. Their life is their own, want to learn a person to face. I need help who do not want to go as cumbersome. Now I face the reality of my own initiative compromise. I do not want to fight no power to become lazy. Luck and misfortune of others is not necessarily its own encountered. No one knows this place, there I am, there you. They said, here are cruel. Only I know. There is growing video. Have our hands buried in tears, yearning for good.


I remember I had that collection of Coke cans. Production date is July 11, 2007. It is long past the drinking period, the memory of the outside world in addition to food, love, friendship and something more, are all shelf-life. 23, night, one o'clock, sitting in front of the computer and chat. And that she, that she was very, very good, good, she said, do not lose heart. More is a good girl, in fact, she did not know who I'm talking about girls. Because, I can not say. I told her, silently blessing the case. In fact, tears have been going out, cover your hand slowly wet eyes. That, Moran said the girl, each girl will encounter a good two boys, one for her to grow, one for her growth. The former let her know the taste of tears, while the latter has had her valuable know how to miss. Impression, the former I have already done once, and it was also done to my former, I would like to get even called the bar. Today, rushed cool. Cold water, I did not cold. Not a perception, very strange. Assumptions, we can place in a city youth, I hope, and with her beloved. But, she did not know. Maybe I did it, our youth placed in the city, there is our common memory. Has also been the best pure disperse in the wind, have our comfort each other. Bits and pieces scattered in every corner of the city, gently pass by in the city, no side no marks. Perhaps the place should be reduced again I think, because sometimes the scope of our activities is so small. She said she wanted to cherish the people now, I do not know the man, and I think it is a good bar. At least very good, Moran girls forget to tell me what the third kind of boy, and I think I know is to give happiness. Suppose that you and she is destined to set foot on two different paths, it should do? I do not want to go like that ending. But, maybe I was too melancholy. Everything look gloomy. Listening to the songs tender, fluttering thoughts but do not drop, can not find direction. I really want her you are my life the most beautiful scenery. Tomorrow, it has to cook. Only rice and capsules of.



dark night, although many want to write something, but when the hands touch the keyboard, my mind suddenly went blank. Today, June 23. A rib came to me, and for his new girlfriend. We go to camera, to help them shoot a lot. See him and his current girlfriend so sweet, can not tell is the envy or lost [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I told de-king, a small hope that I when I really wanted to choke on dinner. She giggled, she said how much you want warmth, sun and loved children. I do not know whether I can give you, I just want to hug you, really did tear down, she said this is the way I express myself. In fact, I always knew, or did not say that, today, say A rib, his length is not handsome, but that is no reason why a woman a good margin. He talked about many, many girls, and sometimes really do not understand what he was thinking. Originally thought that I might not fit, and his good friend, but, we are so good friends. Like the sun and wind, can not be separated. Not even a moment can be.

o'clock in the morning, Puma. on the line, Puma: come back? de-Yang, a small North: do not know. I would like to stray to go to work this holiday season, only belongs to one of my vacation, Puma: Where? De-Yang, a small North: do not know. Puma: It will go back more than a good place to work is pure profit. Pie Yang, north: I want to go to Urumqi to work,, Puma: I think your mother would not agree. Pie Yang, north: I do not know, de-Yang, a small North: to the time in talk. In this way, did not say a word to each other, down the line. This year, summer, met many new friends, Lung, Cheung. I have no perception of the world in this way, they entered the two people. This year has also betrayed the 321 quarters. This is my first time I remember so clearly, like a bubble at the end can never be erased. Imagine a day every day, what can I write a book, so many people look. Such a desire, really do not know when it will achieve it. Forces across the sound of morning exercises every day to remind me to go to sleep, so life is actually quite pleasant. Suddenly think, assume, to be able to find a suitable job, or to vote for the night bar. Perhaps as more suitable for me, the students said, I found you and ordinary people do not like to do the same thing. Right and wrong, in fact, also true what they say. For example,

I often at night, others had to sleep, I will be sober. Others are awake during the day when I was in bed. Like other people do not like it, like to do things other people do not like to do. Ah said, you should be an artist in the world all the beauty and darkness of your kind are created. Half the day gone, those dreams to how to finish. Listen to this song, at the distant road, even for a time did not know how to get this road. Over recent days as the white water to boil, boil. Set of cold, heat, and thus, is about to be cooked dry. School, a group of people gone, graduated. Or mature, a group of people again soon, I think, school is probably a place like this I said I really go far away does not mean that the heart empty, and ignorant group of people with children Introduction smile to fill. Last night night. I heard the dormitory next door came such a voice. Zan, sophomore. Sneer, in fact, is another old. If I leave, will not period. Thin taste words, feelings [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spread.


roundabout in the entire stroke of midnight of lonely night, the glittering stars hanging in the air interpretation of sadness. Heart, What a mess. Originally thought the start to really do forget, burning tobacco, fishy red, red and fragile Weng, the sun is warm, at least before I get up in that quarter of an hour. Listening to loud music, the moment who really want to forget. But can not, the taste of nicotine is not good, but we only know that people should be lonely, lonely do not know will smoke. Recent contact with anyone not want to, do not want to have friends. Those friends seem farther and farther away from me, has always been to myself and say you are a liar, saying that much, to really be recognized by default, and no perceived. Deceived so many people's feelings, including his own, that moment, the right eyelid and old jump. Jump all day, as if what incredible things will happen, they say, the left eye jump Choi, right eye jump disaster. I was scared, nightmare or inevitable tease me every day, every night.坐在窗台上 lights on all night. And then wait until the sky is white. Before forcing himself to sleep wrapped in blankets. So hot in the summer. But still feel cold to the bone. She is not at that time, de-King, a small hope, like walking in the street recently, watching people come and go, like a good evaluation of other people's clothes look good, see the beauty but also more Kanji Yan. This behavior is not some and some people do not like, so I was alone in my past that independence. Do not remember how long did not drink coffee, that thick, black. Tempting. Jide mother said, that things will be destroyed Shen Jing, that the most important part, and I as an element of the neural, you can always gather [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can be dispersed instantly, without a trace, so I'm not afraid of coffee, even if any When female students today, she said, you're writing worthless. Because there is no thought. In fact, I want to tell her that this is thinking, but you do not notice it. But I did not say anything after all. Just laugh hard, and I want to tell her, I would like to create a new style, even if the nature of prose, there are novel features. But after all, does not belong to any of them, I do not care if anyone would want to see, do not care how many people will see. I just wanted to write, so write it down, one day someone will be able to understand. Like Sicily Firth, the myth of the giants in Athens. Tall bears on the table, and the night they set off a green like a flirtatious woman. Really very nice, rather than let the flowers open cynicism, let me take them away. I do not like this sentence, it is too humble to say the flowers, and even I feel bad for those flowers. Originally, I was able to sense this society, so good. Next time, maybe I should go and see an old film of. Innocent black and white movies, I like to see those things with the signs of aging, and sometimes, perhaps we can look to those years inside the left hidden in the most profound memories and a sad. If you could wipe the touch, I think it is a pleasure. The house was empty, white illusion floating standing has nothing to do with people hanging objects. Many things have nothing to do with people, pleasant do not think so. Like this sentence, that's as deep, so thorough. Lack of performance but not straightforward.
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